Ass cheeks on beach volleyball girl

You guys will really enjoy this one. This redhead’s ass cheeks were hanging out of her volleyball shorts like crazy! I got a bit of footage of her, so this video is part 1 of 4. I still can’t believe she let her ass cheeks spill out like that. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below…



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Her black short shorts were exposing her ass cheeks unbelievably well. They tucked nicely into her butt, showing off her amazing curves. She had no idea I was filming her, but got a few looks of suspicion. After the first part of this video I went to the other side of the beach to film her right from behind. When she ran her ass wiggled and jiggled really nicely. The sun beating down on her, reflected the sweat on her soft warm ass. A few times, she bent over exposing herself to everyone, showing how nice her body is. You could tell she liked everyone seeing her figure. The way her ass cheeks moved when she walked was perfect. So was the shape of her perfect bubble butt. At times you could see she was wearing a sexy little thong underneath those skin tight volleyball shorts of hers.